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Subject:  BaseballGeeks PodCast #23... link goes to direct download of mp3
Date:  6/10/06, 5:56pm
This Week in Geek features the grim situation with Grimsley, Bonds on Bonds goes kaput, injuries galore, and more; hot and cold hitters and pitchers from Week 10; fantasy forecast for Week 11, Interleague Play Mach II, including hitter/pitcher ballpark analysis and recommended two start pitchers; False Rumors

Time: 1 hour, 17 minutes

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To:  Reedster
Subject:  Re: BaseballGeeks PodCast #23... link goes to direct download of mp3
Date:  6/11/06, 12:13pm
You guys just keep on rolling! Hey, what about the all star game? You guys were saying there wasn't much to talk about early in your podcast. I'm curious to know what you guys think about the all star game & more specifically, the selection process & fan voting. Quiet frankly, I think the fans did an absolute horrible job voting for this year's all star game. I know it is suppost to be the fan's game, but I believe MLB should take a hard look at finding other ways or alternatives to select the all star players. The way things are now, all the all star game is ever going to be from here on is a popularity contest. Unfortunately it will always be a "big city market" all star game & a Yankees - Red Sox ass kissing contest. In the NL it seems to be nothing but Cardinals & Mets. Quiet frankly, I feel it is disgusting & I for one will not be watching the all star game this season. There are a lot of players far more deserving than some of the players who were voted in based off production. A lot of these players that are more deserving are from smaller market teams. I can't stand the fact that FOX network is probably masterbating behind closed doors because there are 4 Yankees in the AL starting line up(as voted on by the nieve fans), 3 Red Sox, 3 Cardinals, & 2 Mets. This isn't truly all star game in my humble opinion. It's a glitz & glamour ass kissing contest for big market teams. Look at the numbers! Some of those players from those big market teams don't deserve to be there based off this season's numbers. Some of those players were voted in based off past reputation & popularity because they play on recognizable big market teams. To me, it is an outrage & a slap in the face to baseball's mid summer classic. It is a joke!

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