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Subject:  Canseco joins cast of the next 'Surreal Life.' Wants to juice Omorosa
Date:  3/29/05, 12:48pm
LOS ANGELES ( Jose Canseco's exploits as an apparently steroid-enhanced ballplayer have recently turned him into a best-selling author (the memoir "Juiced") and a witness at congressional hearings probing steroid use in baseball.

Logically, then, the next step for Canseco is "The Surreal Life."

Canseco will join that other noted author ("Everything About Me Is Fake ... And I'm Perfect") and marvel of modern medicine, "America's Next Top Model" judge Janice Dickinson, for the fifth installment of the VH1 show. The cast, which has already begun its stint in the "Surreal" house, also includes "Perfect Stranger" Bronson Pinchot and "Apprentice" villainess Omarosa.

Professional motocrosser/Pink ex-boyfriend Carey Hart, the "Pepa" of hip-hop groundbreakers Salt-n-Pepa (Sandi Denton) and model/U.K. tabloid fixture Caprice, who's already appeared in a celebrity version of "Big Brother" across the pond, round out the group.

Dickinson is the second "Top Model"-affiliated person to appear on the show. The current season features the show's first winner, Adrianne Curry.

The new season is scheduled to premiere in September. VH1 promises episodes that feature a "surreal burlesque show" and a charity makeover involving the cast.

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