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To:  Cubs fans
Subject:  Cubs are on FIRE!!!
Date:  6/3/05, 1:41pm
Last Thursday's 5-2 loss at home to the Rockies was the low point of the year. Then, the next day Mark Prior went down with a terrible injury. Since then, the Cubs have won seven in a row and have soared to just 5.5 games behind the Cardinals (five back in losses) and just one game behind the Diamondbacks for the wild card lead (tied in losses). This is the best I have seen this team play in a long time, and after everything that could have possibly gone wrong the first six weeks or so of the season did. Glendon Rusch has just done an outstanding job in the starting rotation, while Neifi Perez, filling in for Nomar Garciaparra, has played well enough to be an All-Star. Oh yeah, and there's Derrek Lee. This guy has just been amazing. I haven't seen a Cubs player on fire like this since Sammy Sosa hit 20 homers in June of 1998.

Anyway, hopefully Kerry Wood will be back by the end of June, and Mark Prior by the end of July. If the Cubs can just hang on until then, throw in a trade or two to help the bullpen and this team will be set to make a big stretch run. First things first, though; Sergio Mitre will take the mound tonight, hopefully fare better than his last outing and lead the Cubs to their eighth straight victory!

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