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Subject:  'Stros finding their groove
Date:  6/14/06, 7:47pm
The Astros won their seventh game in their last 9 tries tonight as Roy Oswalt returned off the DL to move his record to 5-2. With Clemens return looming, the Astros have finally found their bats again. After putting up 9 runs last night against the Cubs, they scored 5 more today as they handed Maddux another loss. Berkman has regained his touch, as he is back in 2nd in the NL with 56 RBI. Chris Burke has really found a bat as he has earned the start of NL rookie of the year runner up Taveras over the past week. He is someone to pick up as a free agent if possible, he has starts in CF as well as 2nd and SS this year. Yesterday he went 4-4 with 5 runs scored and today he had another couple of hits. Ensberg has still been out with a sore shoulder, which has hurt me, but hopefully he will be able to return soon. Mike Lamb, who has the best batting average on the team has taken Ensberg's place quite well, but he doesn't have the power that a healthy Ensberg brings.

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