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Subject:  Clemens returns just in time
Date:  6/21/06, 9:05pm
It appears that Roger Clemens' return was scheduled by the baseball gods just in time. With the Astros just over .500 and finally beginning to find their bats, the boost he should provide will be much needed. With the Cardinals at a low after being bonesawed by the White Sox for two straight games as well as the Reds being anything but consistent, it appears that the time is now for the Astros to make their run before Pujols returns, which could be as soon as Monday, according to La Russa. If the Rocket can bring a little more stability to the 'Stros rotation and their bats can continue to produce 4-5 runs a game, not to mention the fact that Lidge has returned to his normal self by converting 8 of his lasat 9 save attempts, Houston should be able to put a good July together and hopefully gain some ground in the NL Central.

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