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Subject:  How is BGeeks blogging like In-N-Out Burger?
Date:  2/24/06, 11:28am
If you are in the southern california area, you know In N Out Burger well. There are a number of secret orders you can make, like the "Animal style" that is not on the menu.

Well, for now, until I can make "menu" edits, I wanted to tell you bloggers and potential bloggers here about a new image function. If you use the regular image command, your images are automatically centered.

Now, you can use imgr instead of img (remember the & and the - are required) with a closing tag of -imgr (with ampersand), and your image will be aligned right, and the text will align on the left side, and wrap around the image.

I will do this for image alignment left with an imgl command (this is not functional yet, but imgr IS functional). My recent podcast #7 hits 1000 posts is a sample.

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