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Subject:  Brewers update 3
Date:  4/29/06, 3:20pm (Last Edited: 4/29/06, 3:24pm)
WOW, what a day on the brewers front...

I wont normally do an update on just one game because you can just watch ESPN or check out a boxscore for pure numbers. I just brought this up because there is alot of "inside the numbers" information that i would like to pass on. Since this was an afternoon game on WGN on a saturday, many of you may have watched the game. If so, you can compare your thoughts to mine and see if you agree with my baseball insite for the future.

There is alot to throw in for this Blog, all regarding one game. Today the Brewers beat the Cubs 16-2 at Wrigley Field. They hit SIX homeruns and now lead the NL in that catagory.

Everyone knows that the brewers are a young, up and coming team, but get this, Their "big four" young players (Weeks, Fielder, Hardy, and Hall- which was their starting infield) went a combined 9-20 with 8 runs, 5 HR, 11 RBI.

Ricky Weeks (went 2-4, 1 run, HR, 3 RBI)is now hitting LEADOFF. This probably wont affect his RBI as badly as you would think since he was hitting down pretty far in the order, but of course it will hurt a little. Overall this could greatly improve his stats though. His runs should go up quite a bit hitting in FRONT of Jenkins, Lee, Fielder. Also, Weeks is DEFINATELY not wanting in the speed department and i expect his SB's to be about 35+ this season, instead of the 20-25 i was thinking of coming into the season. This is ONLY if he continues to hit leadoff, which i figure him to do, but may not if Clark ever comes around (but clark doesnt really have the SB ability to hit leadoff in the NL). His HR's wont really be affected by the move since you can homer (as he did today) leading off (although, he is more likely to just try to dump something in and get on base).

Fielder went 2-5 with two HRS, 3 runs, and 3 RBI. He did hit TWO HR's today, bringing his total to 5. His second was an opposite field shot that I thought would be a fly out showing that he has some definate power (not that it was in question). He is definately a hot player right now, and has way more upside than Shelton (who has cooled off ALOT) did with his hot start.

Hardy (2-5 with a HR and 4 RBI) still shouldnt be on anyones roster that has less than 12 teams, and even then its a borderline situation.

I did finally pick up Bill Hall (3-6, HR and 3 Runs) today in my fantasy leagues. It is now too late to sit back and watch him get hotter. He is playing good ball and will get about 5 starts a week. He played OF the last two or three innings to get some more work in.

It would be easy to attribute this to the wind blowing out of wrigley, but that doesnt explain how Davis shut the Cubs down like he did. One thing to point out is that the Cubs starting pitcher Glendon Rusch, now leads the MAJORS in HR allowed. He was second coming into the game.

The brewers went 5-12 with RISP (roughly, i may have missed a couple), batted around the order in two different innings, and had the bases loaded on 4 occasions. They also walked 11 times which shows alot of patience for them that they usually dont have. Nine different brewers had hits, 6 having at least two. Six of their 16 runs came with 2 outs which is a nice stat, but that is about 1/3 of the runs so that is average.

One quick note on Jenkins. He hit 3 singles yesterday and two today, both to opposite field. He didnt have any RBI, but watching him over his career, i can say that when he is going ot opposite field, he is usually in one of his hot streaks.


Today was a good/bad day for Doug Davis owners. On the positive side, he pitched 6.1 innings and only allowed 1 earned run and earned his first win of the season. His whip was ~1.5 which isnt great but okay for one start. Now to the downside. Not even counting his paltry TWO K's (in those 6.1 ip) Davis looked HORRIBLE. After being spotted a 3-0 in the top of the first, he almost gave them all back in the bottom half of the inning. He went to 3 balls on almost every hitter faced in the first 3 innings. Not until he was spotted SEVEN runs after the third did he actually challenge hitters and throw anything in the strike zone. If he didnt have such a great lead, he would have fallen apart.

As i have said in my previous blogs, i have some insite on other things in baseball, but with so much already put in this blog, i wont bore you with it until later.

~Brew Crew Fan- tony

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