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Subject:  Sheffield Altercation
Date:  4/19/05, 11:26pm
I wish MLB would be little quicker with its resolution to this matter. The fans were ejected and one lost his season tickets with a refund for the unused tickets. The other cannot uy tickets this year.

I felt their should have been a financial loss for the offending season ticket holder. I felt his tickets should have been forfeited. He has hired an attorney and claims Sheffield accosted him and he was without guilt. He credits stadium security with saving him from the player.

I felt Sheff did as he should have. He states that he thought his lip ws busted by the fan.

I've been listening to baseball nearly non-stop for a week now and Rob Dibble has been very vocal on the subject. Dibble states he has broken the film down frame by frame and he states the fan was looking toward home plate, not looking at the ball and took a cheap shot at Sheffield. Dibs is very pro-player and I believe he would admit that his perspective is somewhat biased that way because of his playing career.

I have not seen much of the video only full speed versions. I feel the fan was wrong and Sheffield should be commended for his self-restraint. He, Shef, should not be fined or suspended.

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To:  Boogaman
Subject:  Re: Sheffield Altercation
Date:  4/23/05, 11:19am
I am very happy with the MLB decision. Exactly what I thought was warranted.

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To:  Reedster
Subject:  Re: Sheffield Altercation
Date:  4/28/05, 4:52am
I believe they made the right decision as well.

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