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Subject:  TIG 2: More runs than the common cold
Date:  5/3/06, 3:40pm
[Reprinted from after the 4/29/06 games]


Sorry, Kev, if I jinxed you last night, but kudos to you on your seven (edited 4/30/06, thanks Mark!) straight. The Rangers still win the game, and some other elements of the game are worthy of note. Broussard, coming off the best game of his career (and probably the season), comes back with another HR and a 2-4, 2 RBI day.

Akinori Otsuka, currently the replacement closer for Texas, gets his first save of the season, gives up a hit and a walk, and strikes out one.


Can this guy hit 84? Amazing streak and an amazing player... nobody in the history of the MLB has hit 14 HRs in April until today. Albert: you are my hero!


Adrian Beltre hits his first HR of the season and King Felix gets his first win (although Felix still does not look good). Worthy of note, Beltre has SEVEN SBs on the season. If he can get 20 HRs this year and 20 SBs, he has a rejuvenated fantasy value. Where Beltre looked like Albert Pujols two years ago, he just might be turning himself into a Grady Sizemore type player, which is good news for Beltre and Mariner fans.

Detroit scores 18. The Yanks get 17, and save a pretty lousy outing by the Big Unit. The Friendly Confines become very friendly to the Brewers, who slash the Cubbies with 6 HRs and 16 runs... two homeruns for Prince Fielder says it all. This guy is on fire, and those of you fantasy folks who were asking us in the first week whether you should dump him hopefully listened to us when we said: Heck no.


The Bosox face the Yanks in Boston this week. Damon hits 2 HRs, and he helps the Yanks to score at least one run in every inning of the 9 inning game -- a feat that they have accomplished only one other time.


As Gregg and I predicted, Glavine's strikeout rate is falling... only one this afternoon, but what a stellar outing. While the Braves are struggling, there are most certainly not the league floormat that Glavine made them appear to be.

This outing certainly helps us a bit, as we suggested that you fantasy owners keep Glavine up this week, riding the hot hand, and he looked pretty lousy in his first outing last Monday. Hopefully, you will forgive us after this outing.


Tejada played today, and all medical indicators show that he is just fine. He went 2/4 with an RBI today.

***PODCAST #17 IS UP***

You can find it on our site at It took a little extra effort today because I, once again, did post production on my new IMac... and I think I didn't have enough memory. Today's show is our longest thus far, ringing in at 1 hour, 11 minutes, and 11 seconds... fun stuff, though, including an interview with Brave fan and Turner Field party planner Paul Codling. I'll post the podcast here tomorrow, but it is available now on Itunes and at baseballgeeks

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