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Subject:  Bay or Abreu?
Date:  8/1/06, 6:32pm
Any comments appreciated, currently looking to improve my outfield:
Bay, Crawford, Mench, Sizemore, and Patterson is what I have now. I have the opportunity to trade Bay for Abreu straight up, and I am actually considering it. Tell me your thoughts about why I shoud or shouldn't. Thanks......

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Subject:  Re: Bay or Abreu?
Date:  8/1/06, 11:14pm (Last Edited: 8/1/06, 11:15pm)
You need to trade some speed for HR/RBI (that would be Crawford or Patterson). Do NOT trade Bay. Do NOT trade Bay for Abreu (only SLIGHT caveat is if you have OBP as a category in your league).

No OBP, stick with Bay... in fact, even WITH OBP, I stick with Bay. Just look at the stats. Do not think that Yankee Stadium will have Abreu hitting MORE HRs. Bay will see pitches because his team will be behind most of the time.

You lose Jason Bay, and you will fall behind in RBI/HR.

I would see what I could get for Patterson+player or Crawford (maybe Adam Dunn?).

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