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Rob Reed  
Subject: Offensive Update
Date:  4/29/08, 8:59am
The first offensive update is now up, current as of 4/28/08. The top 10 offensive players are, in order:

1. Hanley Ramirez, FLA, NL
2. Chase Utley, PHI, NL
3. Lance Berkman, HOU, NL
4. Nate McLouth, PIT, NL
5. Albert Pujols, STL, NL
6. Manny Ramirez, BOS, AL
7. Miguel Tejada, HOU, NL
8. Josh Willingham, FLA, NL
9. Rafael Furcal, LOS, NL
10. Derrek Lee, CHN, NL

To the folks who drafted Jose Reyes before Hanley Ramirez: you dumbasses! To the folks who let Pujols go to the second round. How are you feeling now?

Do you think McLouth can keep himself in the top 10? I don't. But, while I have heard a number of sell high naysayers on Derrek Lee, I believe that he will stay in the top 15 for the remainder of the season.

Furcal is an amazing surprise out of the gate. It sure is amazing to see what a contract year can do for a player, isn't it?

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Message #364 of 405  *NEW*
To:  Rob Reed
Subject:  Re: Offensive Update
Date:  4/30/08, 7:47am
Two things: One - this is a great link. I play in a keeper league with wacky scoring and I was almost able to duplicate our scoring formulas precisely (only missing HRs allowed for pitchers).

Two - I don't think anyone should feel bad about bypassing Pujols on the first round. I'd gladly take a few position hits in scoring for the increased odds that my guy was going to play 150 games this year.

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