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Subject:  How long can I go?
Date:  5/18/06, 1:43pm
I'm just gonna keep posting blogs in here for now ... the jays ... i think i owe you two days of news.
Starting with the pitchers. Halladay won AL player of the week for his two complete games 3 or 4 hitters. He is intense, but mind you, he pitched it against Anaheim and Tampa Bay, both of which were struggling mightily with the bats. He's still the best, clearly they are not the ultimate test. Related to Halladay's exceptional performance is Jays rookie Casey Janssen, who pitched 7 1/3 innings of one hit ball against the angels last week, and last night pitched 8 innings of two hit ball against the angels. Those were his third and fourth starts ever in the majors. His numbers are as impressive as Halladays minus the complete game factor, but he was pulled because he's still a rookie, the trust factor is missing, not the ability. The questionable part of it all is that it was against the Angels both times, and Janssen is actually from California, and played for UCLA, so there could be some extra concentration from that, and the Angels are kind of sucky right now. In his last two starts, both against the angels, Janssen has pitched 15.1 innings with 3 hits, 1 BB, 6 strike outs, and a 0.00 era. Janssen lives off his control, which is not to be bettered: he posted a strikeout to walk ratio of 136/20, (which is almost 7/1) in 148.2 innings between A & AA ball last year. His only problem now is a place in the rotation when Burnett gets back. But if he pitches the way he has, it doesn't seem reasonable to keep him out of the rotation. Chacin is on the DL right now too, but both him and Burnett should be back within a month (at least I think they will). Towers is looking like a sitting duck then, but he just pitched a gem the other night, so who knows. Watch Janssen though.
Lilly had his night wrecked by Vladamir Guerrero on Tuesday. Vlad took him deep in the third on a missed pitch by Lilly, and then in the fifth Lilly got into a small jam, and the Jays, not willing to take chances - Ervin Santana having shut them out so far - pulled Lilly when Vlad came up to the plate. So poor night for Lilly. The Jays bullpen got beat up in that game too.
Oh, and Ervin Santana is vicious @ home night games, he dominated the Blue Jays. Other than those nights though, not so good.
The Jays got 14 hits last night and only 3 runs, so there was some week clutch hitting on their part, and consequently few great numbers except in the hits category. Greg Zaun was the hero last night with three hits at DH, in place of a dog-sick Hillenbrand. Reed Johnson had an excellent night at the plate, 3 hits and a run (In 71 at bats with 8 walks he has 24 runs scored). Too bad he doesn't play every day. Catalanatto puts up good numbers too(.954 ops), so combined they rock.
Rios, still good. Wells is a little cold. Russ Adams is on a constant incline as far as hitting is concerned, his defense is still not there. Adams can hit though, that's why he's in the big leagues. Im just waiting for Lyle Overbay to really get into a groove. He's due and such a good hitter.
Well, that's it, sorry for the unstructured nature of this thing ... Halladay goes tonight, and John Lackey is pitching tonight for the Angels, should be a good game. Don't expect much offense.

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