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Date:  5/25/06, 5:05pm
Today was a good day I think. Yesterday, was not such a good day though. Yesterday, Josh Towers gave up another four runs in two innings before he was relieved by Scott Downs. The Jays came back and took the lead (they lost though) so Towers didn't get the loss. Today, he was sent down to AAA. 1-8, 9.00 era, 10 starts, 1.90 whip in 45 innings. Good riddance. For now. If he gets better, ok, but for now, the Jays let him pitch way too long. I don't blame them, he pitched so well last year, you know he has it in him. But he doesn't have it and it cost the Jays a lot of games. I'm not sure who the Jays will call up to replace him, Dustin McGowan perhaps.
Russ Adams also got sent down to the minors today, something I have been pleading for. He stinks. He can't throw, he has 10 errors at short in 36 games. John MacDonald & Luis Figueroa will share the shortstop duties for now. I read yesterday on Rotoworld that the Jays are interested in Adam Kennedy. It would be excellent if they got him, and good for Kennedy too, the California Angels are not so good. However, I object to what the Rotoworld guy said about John McDonald: "they'll be playing John McDonald regularly, which is pretty much like having the pitcher bat. They need to do better." First off, John MacDonald hits like a good hitting pitcher, he'll bat around .240; of course the Jays can use a better bat like Kennedy's, but as I have said before, McDonald is an improvement over Adams. McDonald's defense is so superior to Adams, it is second to none in the league (find out for yourself), he gets you extra outs on the field, which is like a hit every time in my mind. Just two days ago he took a sharp one hop throw down to second on a steal and tagged the runner out, and I have never seen anyone make a tag like that. He got the out, and anybody else in that position would not have. That is value.
Oh I should just mention Carl Crawford. I just saw the Headline on Rotoworld (as I was citing it). I love these speedy guys. I've seen Scott Podsednik play some games like this, but Crawford has more base stealing ability than Podsednik. Crawford went 5-5, a home run, five runs scored, 4 stolen bases against the Jays. He single handedly won them the game. All he has to do is get on base.
Wells is in a slump. He's hit 1 home run in all of may. And 4 doubles. Right now he's probably worth not as much as he should be due to his slump, so probably not a time to trade him, but don't expect anything spectacular things out of Wells (25-30 home runs, 100 RBIs, maybe a few more runs scored).
Rios is still looking good. He is the Jays best hitter, no one wants to pitch to him. Still first in the AL in batting. He's not hitting a lot of homeruns, but the doubles, my goodness. 17 doubles, 6 in the last 9 games. In the last 23 games he has gone hitless once.
The Doctor. Such a cliché. Oh well. Roy Halladay is great. Reedster I wrote an incredibly long synopsis of the trade you made for Halladay, which I think you did great on. But I never posted it, it just got too complex and there were so many factors. But good trade, without the added value of stolen bases that Abreu brings to your team which you did not need (and you got Lew Ford in return), he is not worth nearly as much. Halladay is in amazing form. His pitches are moving everywhere. He's going to have an incredible year.
The Jays got swept by the Rockies. Towers lost the first game. Suprise surprise. That just leaves a taste in your mouth. Oh well, it was a bad weekend for the Jays, but they rebounded nicely against the Rays, almost sweeping them (Towers had to lose the last game too ... it's so nice to have someone to blame).
I haven't mentioned B.J. Ryan's performance so far this year. It's been immaculate. He had one sketchy outing where he was fine because the balls that were hit hard were hit right at people and he ended up getting a double play. But besides that one night, B.J. has been unstoppable. 21.1 innings, 23 strike outs, 11/11 saves, 0.42 era. Thank you! I just love this guy.
Greg Zaun, the Jays backup catcher, has 66 AB and a .682 slugging and .348 average. Was Bengie really necessary? Zaun was full time last year, and this year has more homeruns and doubles than Molina in a little under half the at bats.

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