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Subject:  Should Dave Concepcion Be in The Hall of Fame?
Date:  12/31/05, 12:10pm (Last Edited: 12/31/05, 12:16pm)
Dave Concepcion was one of the leaders of the Big Red Machine in Cincinnati during the '70's and deserves honorable mention in Cooperstown, IMHO. True, his hitting wasn't up to speed with most of the all-time greats, but he was definitely one of the best fielders of ever to play the game. Davey is also one of 14 players to get over 2,000 hits in at least 2,000 games.

Take a look at Concepcion's career statistics when compared to current Hall of Famer, Ozzie Smith. Keep in mind that both of them played for 19 seasons.

Concepcion----- O. Smith

Avg. .267-------- .262

HR's 101--------- 28

RBI's 950-------- 793

Fielding % .972--- .978

Now, it's fair to say that Ozzie Smith is the greatest fielding Shortstop of all time. But, Dave Concepcion's fielding percentage is only a slight notch below Smith's. After taking a close look at these stats, should Concepcion be a Hall of Famer? I say, without a doubt, YES.. You make the call.

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To:  Jaydawg
Subject:  Re: Should Dave Concepcion Be in The Hall of Fame?
Date:  12/31/05, 4:23pm (Last Edited: 12/31/05, 4:25pm)
In addition to statistics, there is also an intangible element for those players who bring a different kind of excitement to the game.

Ozzie Smith was to baseball like Dusty Baker was to the 70s Dodgers. Every one of their team's fans loved 'em. The big difference? Ozzie excited BASEBALL fans, in addition to Cardinal/Padre fans.

Dave Concepcion was a very good player. He was on some really amazing teams. He always seemed to be the guy to get that clutch hit against my Dodgers.

Still, he brought nothing special (like a forward flip into the shortstop spot) for the game. He didn't have Ozzie Smith-like flair.

For me, Ozzie deserves to be in the hall of fame for producing decent numbers and for his famous flips. Concepcion certainly deserves to be in a "Reds" hall of fame, like Baker would deserve to be in a "Dodgers" hall of fame. BUT, I wouldn't put either in Cooperstown.

I *MIGHT* put Baker in if he could coach a team to a winning World Series.

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