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Subject:  New regime asks fans not to stick pitchfork in D-Rays
Date:  2/04/06, 08:45am
The new owner of the D-Rays, Stuart Sternberg seems serious about putting a good team together in Tampa, unlike the previous guys who ran the team. But, it won't be easy to do without a salary-cap in place. However, the D-Rays already have some decent young talent, like Jorge Cantu and Carl Crawford. The best thing for Tampa Bay to do right now is to scout some more young talent for their minor league system.

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To:  Jaydawg
Subject:  Re: New regime asks fans not to stick pitchfork in D-Rays
Date:  2/5/06, 10:33pm
Baseball in Tampa still has a lot of potential if they can put a competitive team on the field. They do have some pretty good talent. Crawford might be one of the top 5 or 10 best outfielders in baseball. Gomes is a good young hitter. Gaithright can probably still 50 to 60 bases a season if they would let him play full time. Hollins & Baldelli aren't bad players. You also have Delmon Young, DMitri's younger brother, waiting for his shot. He is a great young prospect who will tear it up if he gets a chance to play full time. Cantu, I believe might be the most underated second baseman in the majors. No one hears much about him because he plays for Tampa. Lugo is a solid shortstop. Huff can still hit. Hall is a solid catcher. Their starting pitching is what they need to improve. Kazmir is a very good young pitcher who has a lot of potential, but after him, their staff is average at best. Unfortunately, the Devil Rays play in a very tough & stacked division. And as long as the Yankees are given the chance to continue to monopolize baseball & cherry pick whoever they want, the D Rays will never have a shot sadly. They are in the wrong division. However, I predict the D Rays will be more competitive this season(2006). I think they are capable of playing 500 baseball & atleast capable of avoiding last in the AL East.

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