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The Olde English Ds  
Subject:  Top 20 2006 Sophomores
Date:  3/09/06, 09:45am
What sophomore slump?

Go Tigers!!!

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To:  The Olde English Ds
Subject:  Re: Top 20 2006 Sophomores
Date:  3/9/06, 8:26am
I bow down to these guys as geeks... comparing JJ Hardy to Chris Speier? Speier was one of my favorite baseball cards.

In 1975.

Now, THAT is geekdom. Kudos to the Analysts!

Someone in the thread comments mentioned Chris Burke. I also wonder why they didn't mention Taveras.

Seems that they prescribe to my theory of showing you're an "expert." Throw out as many names as you can, and then -- the next year -- shout out the three of the twenty who did well as proof you know what you are talking about.

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