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Robert Jones  
Subject:  Murphy hopes to hit another home run
Date:  5/04/07, 10:12am
Dale has always been a class act and one of my favorite sports figures of all time. I am glad to see him stepping up to the plate to fight steroid use. I believe that players caught using steroids should get a life time ban from the sport and should not be allowed in the Hall of Fame. I think steroid use is the worst form of cheating in sports and if a player is caught using them there should be zero tolerance.

Dale Murphy is such a great ambassador for professional sports. I love the motto, "Leaving the game better than we found it." According to the site, "studies have shown that more than 1 million high school athletes used steroids last year." I personally think that the study falls for short of the real impact of the problem. I have seen and continue to see steroid use impact recreational sports as well in the post high school adult population. The price of the "edge" that is gained is unthinkable.

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