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Rob Reed  
Subject:  Bonds is the new homerun king
Date:  8/08/07, 07:11am
Well, it took long enough, but we finally got to the inevitable. I, for one, feel that Bonds is one of the best to ever play the game, and this feat is nothing short of amazing. Kudos from me, Barry.

Unfortunately, the majority of the world believes differently.

Selig, of course, wasn't there. When he was at the 755 game and he failed to clap, I felt he was the ass of all asses.

It was nice of Hank Aaron to participate (in a video) notwithstanding his stated views. He has salvaged some level of dignity in my eyes...

I suspect that Barry wants to stay around until he gets 800. It might take two more seasons as a DH. Being as the guy is getting on base 1 out of every 2 times up to bat, he still has a LOT of value.

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To:  Rob Reed
Subject:  Re: Bonds is the new homerun king
Date:  8/8/07, 2:22pm
I was really happy when Bonds broke the record. He deserves it. After all the negative press he has received, he finally had his moment.

Now, for the rest of us, we get two weeks of Jay Mariotti and Skip Bayless waxing philosophic about something they cannot understand: fans love the game, no matter what.

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