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Subject:  This week's mistake
Date:  4/11/05, 9:54pm (Last Edited: 4/11/05, 9:57pm)
As I have this way of making the wrong moves in fantasy, I will use my blog to record my exploits.


This week's moves have me bringing down Scot Shields for the week in place of Joel Pineiro. I have brought up Json Giambi at DH in place of Erubiel Durazo.

Already, I lost a nice middle relief outing from Shields, which included a coveted win (I did get his win last week). Ouch. 2 innings, 2 ks, 0 ER... needed those to offset Shields' bad ERA last week.

Giambi goes 0-4 today. Durazo didn't play.

I brought up Mark Prior in place of the injured Bobby Madritsch.

I have a feeling about Pineiro. He looked great in his weekend AAA appearance. Trouble is, he is pitching at New Comiskey. I couldn't help myself... and I probably should have.

Needless to say, this will be an interesting week.


I have brought Shields down for Prior (yes I have both of these pitchers in my other league, as well), but it is not effectie until tomorrow. I got Shields' win.

I also am in first place in that league, winning the first week. Unfortunately, of the two "money" leagues, this one is less dough.

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