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Subject:  Another week another 1st place standing
Date:  4/21/08, 4:49pm (Last Edited: 4/21/08, 4:49pm)
I continue to dominate BTG and we are entering week 3. My lead has dwindled to 4.5 points but more importantly Rob continues to stay on pace to be the worst team in the league has he is only two points above the auto team. WoW!!

I made a few moves this week including trading one of my Braves, Tim Hudson for CC. A big gamble considering CC this year but it could pay off. Hey you can't win in fantasy without taking some gambles. I also picked up Mike Jacobs who is off to a great year. I also inserted Ming-Wang into the starting lineup. We will see if these moves work. I did screw up by not benching A-Rod. What bench A-Rod?!? Of course I should have benched him with his quad acting up and a baby on the way he will miss some games and therefore not produce like the stud he is.

"I am a gamer."

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