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Subject:  Fantasy Football
Date:  7/9/08, 11:29pm
I know this is Baseball Geeks web-site but I just wanted to know if anybody here runs a fantasy football league. I like joining leagues with good competition. Joining public leagues always are crap at the end because 60% of the teams are dead teams come October. If anybody is creating a league or maybe even Rob, please reply to this message. I would be more than happy to commish such a league. Especially on ESPN with free live scoring.

Also Rob will you do a super roto league with the top owners from BTG league I and league II. I think you should have three auction drafts. One an AL only, another an NL only, and the other a mixed league and add the points up from each of those leagues. The owner with the most points is truly the Geek. Let me know what you think of this suggestion.

"I am a gamer."

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To:  JoeKool2322
Rob Reed  
Subject:  Re: Fantasy Football
Date:  7/9/08, 11:34pm (Last Edited: 7/9/08, 11:34pm)
Super roto league sounds like a very good idea for next season... let me stew on this idea for awhile... I may not be able to play in all three for time constraints (and competition factor), but it is a great idea in the vain of Tout Wars, but for the baseballgeeks listeners.

I'm in first place (last I checked) in the twelve team league, believe it or not (and I don't have Ryan Ludwick!). So, I would qualify for the super league right now...

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