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Subject:  TIG 7: Let me have what these guys are having for breakfast...
Date:  5/5/06, 11:23am

Contreras (with his 13th straight decision) has pitched at the level that was expected of him when the Yankees brought him up in 2003. I think he is the real deal, folks.

As a fantasy player, you'll need some folks to offset his low strikeout rate, but in all other categories, I think you can expect a consistent 2006... there will be some back to earth outings this year, but -- as long as he stays healthy -- I would stick with him every week.

And, when we refer to Felix Hernandez as "Royal," I can only comment that he is pitching LIKE a Royal, as in Kansas City. Strikeouts are there. His head isn't. This is a case of being brought up too fast, where it looks like the Mariner brass were believers of all of the fantasy hype.

This guy should be getting work in the minors, where he would tear it up... and he would build confidence.

I mean, think about it. At 20 years old, I couldn't even get up the guts to stand up in front of class to talk. This kid has to get up in front of 30,000+ to pitch. Mariners' brass: don't ruin this kid's head! Bring him down for a month!


KC gets their first road win of the season! YAY! I had to put this in, so that I could say that I talked positively about the Royals at least once this season.


My brother and I have a healthy... well maybe not so healthy... rivalry between the "L.A." Teams. When Fox took over and took apart the Dodger team, and then the Angels won the 2002 World Series, he jumped on that bandwagon and hasn't looked back. It didn't help that he moved to Corona, closer to the Big A (why would anyone want to live in a place that is named after a Mexican beer -- he has now moved to Vegas, fortunately, bringing him closer to the Dodgers' 51's -- but I digress).

The Angels break out of a 5 game skid... but my brother would tell you: this was the longest skid since that year that the Angels played so "poorly" that they became World Champs.

The Dodgers are stinking up the place, but I like this new kid Andre Either (not for fantasy, mind you). I caught him in a post game interview, and I was immediately reminded of why -- as a kid -- I wanted to play left field for the Dodgers (after Dusty retired a Dodger, which didn't happen... I didn't get to play left field when he left, either). Great attitude from this kid. Very little ego. I hope he does well.

Furcal and Kent are just staying in bed a little while longer. Give 'em a few days... the Dodgers will must improve.


Who is this guy? TEN Strikeouts? I don't care that he went against the lowly Pirates.
He beat Pittsburgh last year at Shea with a nice 7 IP, 1 ER game. He struck out 2. He walked and allowed 10 batters...

After making Gregg and I look bad last week for recommending him in SF, where he gave up six earned in six and a third, he just had to come out to force us to continue to scratch our heads until we bleed.


Tell me that you predicted that on the morning of May 5, 2006, Bronson Arroyo would be 2 HRs behind Mark Teixiera (as of the morning of May 4th, Arroyo was only 1 behind) and that Ty Wigginton and Kevin Mench would each have 9 HRs. I might give you Mench... but nothing else.

Teixiera is fine. Buy low, if you can.


I traded Bobby Abreu and Joe Borowski to another team in my money league for Roy Halladay and Lew Ford. Ford is a throwaway with a lot of upside.

I am leading the league in SBs by at least 15. I have Reyes, Felipe Lopez, Brian Roberts (Brandon Phillips replacing him on injured reserve). I have Joe Nathan, Chad Cordero, Armando Benitez, and I just picked up Akinori Otsuka, so saves will not be an issue, I don't think.

I'm going to take a hit in OBP because Abreu was carrying me (we use OBP instead of R). I have been near the top in ALL offensive categories this season. I am dead last in pitching. I know... a major gamble, and Halladay is not a strikeout pitcher.

Desperation? Bad move? You make the call!


He expressed interest in the preseason about wanting to "come back" to the Dodgers. I told him that he can't wear any paraphenelia or claim to be a fan, until the Dodgers win a World Series. He can't even cheer for them during the playoffs or series.

In fact, he can't watch any of the games!

Question: why do I feel like it is 1936, and I am a Boston native?

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